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The following links contain useful information regarding Liverpool. They do not represent the views of the Society, and they should be fully validated by viewing the original source where possible

For a list of Firemen who served in The Liverpool Fire Brigade click HERE

For a list of school records held at Liverpool Record office click HERE

For a list of Clarence Street Pupil Teachers College click HERE

For a list of photographs of schools available at the LRO click HERE



Old Mersey Times Old Mersey Times - Liverpool and Merseyside's life and times transcribed from old newspapers - great for Monumental Inscriptions.
Liverpool Parks Police The earliest known reference to the office of 'Park Constable', in Liverpool, took place in 1832 and was via an article in the Liverpool Chronicle; no further knowledge is known of the origins of these Constables' authority.
Liverpool Collegiate School The Liverpool Collegiate School blog.
Liverpool 1825 This site leads you through the streets and alleyways of 1825 Liverpool, England to look for relatives ~ down to the waterfront to meet masters and agents of sailing and steam vessels ~ visits to the Custom House, Excise Office and Post Office ~ and a wealth of information relating to the life of a major seaport ~ all through the eyes of the 'Liverpool Rambler'
Liverpool Museums Liverpool Museums
The City in Film catalogue The City in Film catalogue lists approximately 1700 films of Liverpool from 1897 to the present day, with a particular emphasis on recording the way the city's urban landscape has been represented. Each record provides information that includes: date, duration, genre, director/production credits, format (35mm, 16mm, 9.5mm, VHS, etc), colour/b&w, a general synopsis, the name and contact details of the archive holder or collector and viewing information. Additional reference or catalogue details are provided where applicable.
Litherland Old photographs of Litherland
A new, revamped website where all years transcribed from Municipal Cemeteries and Church Yards are on one home page. Cemeteries included (amongst others) are Anfield, Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel, Necropolis, St Mary's Kirkdale.
Toxteth Park Cemetery is situated in Smithdown Road, Liverpool. Unfortunately, in recent years, a lot of the gravestones and monuments have fallen into a state of disrepair and many have been removed. Before they disappear completely it is about time that inscriptions are recorded so that future generations of family historians can access the information contained on them.
St Chad's, Kirkby St. Chad's, Kirkby. This lovely church is located in Kirkby in the Diocese of Liverpool. According to a stone cross set up in 1875 in the church grounds, the first chapel may have been built on this site in 870 A.D. The present church was consecrated in 1871 and the oldest date discovered on a grave so far is 1698 for the burial of Thomas Asp, "a benefactor to Kirkby"